About Me

Who’s Sandy?

I’m a Millennial chef who is passionate about gastronomy and wine. At the age of just 24 I
signed up to MasterChef 2020 and cooked my way to the final.

I support my clients in developing their concept into a unique and amazing dining
experience for their guests. This could be a large dinner party, a product launch that
requires catering for hundreds, or a special night celebrating with close friends and family.
Whatever the occasion, I’d love to hear about it and help, so simply send me a message and
we can find time to chat.

The most interesting thing for me about each cuisine of the world is the rationale behind it. The geography and weather of the country of origin determines what is available and desirable to cook. Whether it’s seafood from an island nation or cooling food for hot countries near the equator, cooking captures the essence of every culture beautifully, not just in the taste, but also the way it is served.